Birch Bay 16-year-old juvenile arrested after police say he stole 15 bikes

A teenager in Birch Bay was arrested for allegedly stealing 15 bikes, totaling around $45,000.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies found the stash of bikes after receiving an anonymous tip on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Deputies have already returned 12 of the bikes after being connected to their owners. Most were mountain bikes.

All of the bikes were stolen from the Birch Bay area, said Deb Slater, a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. People who think one of the three remaining bikes may be theirs can contact the Sheriff’s Office’s evidence line at 360-778-6671 and leave a message.

The 16-year-old who stole the bikes has been arrested and booked into the Juvenile Detention.

Police said they have no evidence to suggest the juvenile had any help in stealing the bikes.