The bizarre trailer for Peacock’s new series, ‘Mrs. Davis,’ features a war against AI

Peacock released yesterday the official trailer for its upcoming original series, “Mrs. Davis,” a peculiar yet hilarious take on artificial intelligence and a nun (played by “G.L.O.W.” actress Betty Giplin) that wants to defeat it. (Or her?)

The first four episodes of “Mrs. Davis” will premiere on April 20 and the other four episodes will be released weekly.

The show features Sister Simone, a nun that’s approached by the users of Mrs. Davis, a sentient AI that seems to be worshipped like a machine-learning cult leader. Mrs. Davis’ billions of followers wear earbuds to chat with the AI. You could also compare Mrs. Davis to Siri, Alexa or ChatGPT… but it’s actually all-knowing.

Mrs. Davis assigns Simone with a seemingly impossible mission — search for the “Holy Grail.” However, Simone is suspicious of the AI and wants to destroy it instead. Simone is joined by her cowboy ex-boyfriend, Wiley, who is played by “What We Do in the Shadows” actor Jake McDorman.

Earlier this month, Peacock released a 30-second teaser alongside an interactive website that allows users to chat with Mrs. Davis themselves. The AI eventually asks you, "Are you ready to join me on a quest full of adventure and fulfillment?" If you select "Yes," then you're directed to Peacock's sign-up page.

Image Credits: Peacock

The sci-fi series couldn’t have come at a better time, given the wave of AI-powered tools. Can you imagine what Simone would think about ChatGPT?

Plus, the new show is co-created by “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof and “The Big Bang Theory” writer Tara Hernandez, so it’s likely going to be a unique and creative show that will turn some heads. Owen Harris -- known for “Black Mirror” -- will also direct multiple episodes.