• A pop-up polling station at the University of Guelph. PHOTO COURTESY: Yvonne SuA pop-up polling station at the University of Guelph. PHOTO COURTESY: Yvonne Su

    In an effort to make it easier for young people and aboriginal Canadians to vote, more than 70 Elections Canada pop-up polling stations are open across the country until Thursday.

    The stations can be found in every province and territory, on post-secondary campuses and at youth and aboriginal centres, and voters can use any pop-up station regardless of where their home riding is. Voters don’t have to pre-register as long as they bring the correct ID for voting, and the sites use special ballots that require them to write in their candidate’s name instead of marking an X in a circle.

    The aim is to increase voter turnout in both First Nations and the youngest voters, who increasingly aren’t coming to the polls during federal elections. Adding up the campuses and community centres served by the pop-up polling locations indicates that about one million voters could be served by them, says Grace Kennedy, executive director of Be The Vote.

    The Elections Canada pilot project is paying off

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  • Can Canada sign onto TPP deal mid-campaign?

    It is the largest and most ambitious trade deal in Canadian history.

    Signed by 12 nations, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will leave its mark on everything from the cost of a quart of milk to the price of prescriptions. On an international scale, it will affect an estimated 40 per cent of the global economy.

    And it was signed in the midst of a federal election campaign, when Parliament was dissolved, sparking what will likely be an ongoing debate over whether inking the pact is even constitutional.

    “My objection is not to the deal; it’s to the process,” says Bruce Hicks, a fellow at the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs at York University.

    “We’re not in a situation where there is a government right now. We’re in an election and people should have the right to say this is what we want or this is what we don’t want.”

    If the final deal could not have been postponed until the election concluded, the incumbent government should have consulted opposition parties to

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  • The cliché “lucky to be alive” is an appropriate way to sum up the fate of a cougar that inspired a dramatic chase through parts of Victoria earlier this week.

    People on social media buzzed with excitement about the large cat, which was tranquilized and not killed Monday after it stalked its way through back alleys and over fences in a neighbourhood near downtown.

    Richard Hamelin tweeted, “A normal day in #britishcolumbia cougar on the loose in #Victoria and whales in #Vancouver.”

    “They better not kill it,”warned Sarah Butts.

    James Bay neighbours watched from their balconies as Victoria police and conservation officers with dogs tracked the animal.

    Sgt. Scott Norris with British Columbia Conservation Officer Service says when it comes to tranquilizing animals on the loose, it’s a case-by-case basis.

    “It often comes down to public safety and how things play out,” he told Yahoo Canada News. “If a cougar is showing signs of aggression towards people, and it’s taking livestock and

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  • (Photo: Thinkstock)(Photo: Thinkstock)

    While book banning is no longer a common practice, and the flaming books piles are things of the past, libraries across North America are still getting requests to have material pulled from their shelves. And some of them are pretty surprising requests, too.

    Last week, the American Library Association (ALA) observed its Banned Books Week, an international celebration heralded by the is a time to be glad that banning books is a rare occurrence on both sides of the border. While many books continue to be challenged in schools and public libraries, the book burning fires have been put out.

    The Canadian Freedom to Read foundation, which celebrates their own reading week in February, works hard to compile various sources showing what kinds of material is still contested in Canada. “Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of all Canadians, and freedom to read is part of that precious heritage,” their mission statement affirms. But is that right in any kind of danger?

    You might suspect

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  • After celebrating a night out for her birthday, a hairdressing student from Manchester, UK, took to Facebook to post a photo with the ‘stunning’ dude she met at a nightclub.

    (Photo: Facebook / Pippa McKinney)(Photo: Facebook / Pippa McKinney)Pippa McKinney’s attempt to find the stranger who she shared kisses and her number with quickly spread through Facebook.

    Within an hour, the girlfriend of said ‘stunning’ dude was tagged in the photo, bringing with that all the drama that’s expected.

    “I thought ‘who is this’ and clicked on her profile, and that’s when I saw him in her cover photo. I felt so stupid,” she told Manchester Evening News, “I was gutted for myself, gutted for her and gutted for him.”

    “I was talking to him all night. He kept saying ‘you’re stunning, are you sure you are definitely single?’ McKinney, 22, told Manchester Evening News, “I asked him the same and he said he was.”

    Matty Steven, eventually outed as the ‘stunning’ dude, has since ended the relationship with his girlfriend. He posted this to Facebook in response to the event:

    (Photo: Facebook / Matty Steven)(Photo: Facebook / Matty Steven)


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  • There are few things in life that are more relaxing than kicking back and basking in the warm sunshine, and this sea lion has mastered this state of relaxation flawlessly.

    Paul van Loock of Belgium recently shared a video on Facebook that shows a sea lion reclining on a beach chair somewhere off the coast of southern Europe, the NY Times reports.

    In the hilarious video, the sea lion is seen sprawled out on the chair in what looks like a very exclusive section of the beach. Talk about living the dream!

    Throughout the video, the sea lion continues to stretch and squirm until maximum comfort is achieved.  

    Since being shared online, the video has already been viewed more than 16 million times!

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  • The guy who jacked up the price of a rare AIDS medication by more than 5000 per cent is looking for love. Or at least just using Tinder.

    While cruising through the dating app, New York-based writer Eve Peyser matched with Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, who tried to raise the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 in September. 

    After getting a bit of small talk out of the way (Peyser: "Up to anything fun tonight?" Shkreli: "Not yet"), Peyse asks a blunt question: DTGMAD? (Down to give me AIDS drugs?)

    That led to an intense and straightforward chat about everything from how Shkreli feels about the media storm ("It’s fine, the media and public don’t want to look past the headline"), people’s reaction to him ("Well they don’t understand it and want to be angry at someone. So someone young and irreverent sounds good") to if he considers

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  • A little boy and his furry friend make quiet a pair when it comes to driving around a remote-controlled car. 

    In a recent YouTube video, 14-month-old Oliver from Lake Forest, California, is seen sitting back and enjoying the ride as his little pup gets behind the wheel of his red toy car.

    Oliver’s mom, Jessica Wolf, told BuzzFeed News that when she saw the pup climb into the driver’s seat, she naturally pulled her camera out to catch the action. 

    In the video posted by Wolf, her little boy is seen being steered around in his remote-controlled car by Daisy, their six-year-old Maltese Chihuahua mix puppy, who has her paws on the wheel. 

    Wolf told BuzzFeed News that Oliver at first appeared confused that his pup was driving the car but eventually he warmed up to it and even patted her a few times.

    “He lets her run the show most of the time,” Wolf, told BuzzFeed News.  

    Though it looks like Daisy’s controlling the toy car completely on her own, Wolf admits in the video’s description that

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  • Comedian Tommy Chong Says He is Battling Rectal CancerComedian Tommy Chong Says He is Battling Rectal Cancer

    Tommy Chong has put his foot in his mouth again.

    Growing up in Calgary in the 1950s and ‘60s was like living in the racist, segregated U.S. South, the actor, comedian and perpetual stoner says.

    “You know my dad’s Chinese, my mother is Scottish-Irish, and we were living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is like living in Biloxi, Mississippi, as far as racism goes,” he said in an interview with pop culture website The A.V. Club.

    Mississippi – where black people were lynched and civil rights advocates were murdered. Where disenfranchisement of African Americans was enshrined until 1965.

    Mississippi – which only officially abolished slavery in 2013. (It was the last state to ratify the 13th amendment, in 1995, but didn’t notify the U.S. Archivist until 2013.)

    Chong’s comments are sure to inflame Calgarians, who elected Canada’s first Muslim mayor in 2010 and was one of the earliest signatories to the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination, in 2006.

    But not

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  • Lexus has been on quite a roll lately. In August the automaker released a YouTube video featuring a real-life hover board… You know like the one from the Back To The Future movie? This month, the company has decided to take its ingenuity and creativity to yet another level by creating the world’s first fully functioning cardboard car.

    It took a team of just five people to put it together thanks to United Kingdom based company Scales & Models, which specializes in coming up with 3-D products and models using almost any concept you can imagine. The process of putting the cardboard car together included some digital design work, model creation, laser cutting and finally, the assembly process. At the end of the day it took 1,700 sheets of cardboard measuring 10 mm thick to make it happen.

    To build a vehicle up to the standards of a luxury brand like Lexus is a tall order when you have the finest of all materials for both the interior and exterior of the car. Things become even more

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