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    The dog days are over for one small shop in Tokyo and it’s four legged attendant.

    Shiba the Shiba Inu, has been dutifully serving customers and commuters in the area around the Musashi-Koganei Train Station for years.

    Shiba can teach WalMart greeters a thing or two about attentiveness and friendliness, greeting customers at the window as they arrive. 

    The adorable Shiba Inu, one of Japan’s six ancient breeds, became a tourist attraction in his own right with his spot on customer service and quirky personality.

    When business is slow, Shiba likes to munch on cucumbers, a snack he re-purposes as a pillow when he’s full.

    And Shiba was always happy to take a picture for his fans.

    Shiba’s last day of work was October 30th. His popular Instagram account will continue to remain active.

    Happy retirement Shiba, you were an inspiration to everyone who has worked in customer service!

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  • Amanda Lindhout, others, step up to help Manitoba teen who was attackedAmanda Lindhout, others, step up to help Manitoba teen who was attacked

    Amanda Lindhout’s face is once more plastered all over the news but this time it’s the Alberta journalist who is doing the writing and not the reacting. She’s featured in two Canadian publications: Flare and Maclean’s.

    For the fashion magazine, she wrote a personal diary of a mountain trek she took in the summer to deal with the news that one of her alleged Somali captors had been arrested on Canadian soil. His arrest shook away some of the peace she had regained in the six years since her release.

    The piece recounts the hike in what she calls her “happy place” described as the “flower-filled canyons in the Markha Valley” in a remote part of northern India.

    Lindhout spent 15 months in captivity after being abducted in August 2008 — along with Australian photographer Nigel Brennan, her driver and her translator — while reporting in Somalia. The Somali driver and translator were freed in January 2009.

    Lindhout’s and Brennan’s families paid a total of $600,000 in ransom and also had to

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  • Two brothers overcame an unexpected challenge in order to complete the New York City Marathon this past weekend.

    Brent and Kyle of Atlanta, came to New York to run in the marathon together. The plan was for Brent to push Kyle, who has cerebral palsy through the 26.2 mile journey. 

    But as the brothers were making their way through the course, they were crossed with an unfortunate circumstance, Good News Network reports.

    The back wheel on Kyle’s wheelchair broke.

    Determined to finish the race, Brent began carrying Kyle, but the brothers struggled with the course.

    “We had come this far, we weren’t going to give up,” Brent told WNYW News.

    That’s when the brothers found some rope and tied the chair to Brent. 

    Brent attempted to run again, but was unsuccessful as he couldn’t balance the chair and turn it at the same time.

    “It would have been really easy to just say no and stop. Kyle could have said that a long time ago, and he’s never quit, and he damn sure wasn’t going to quit with 13 miles to go,”

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  • Florida parents can now source out punishment for their misbehaving children to a 65-year-old crown named ‘Wrinkles’ that will probably haunt their nightmares afterwards.

    It’s like Beyond Scared Straight but quite possibly way more effective than a day in jail with extremely vocal guards.

    Wrinkles the clown wears a white-spotted red onesie with a frill around the neck. His mask, pale and wrinkly with white hair, a sad painted on mouth and sunken black eyes.

    The clown has been spotted around the southwest Florida area since 2013, according to the Palm Beach Post.

    He appears at parties, pulls pranks and offers his hand in scaring misbehaving kids. 

    “He was scared of clowns and I showed up across the street from him at the bus stop and he just started crying in front of his friends and ran home,” Wrinkles told The Washington Post of one instance where he’d been hired to scare a 12-year-old. “His mother called back a few days later and said ‘Thank you!’ Now when he acts bad, she just has

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  • Remembrance Day vs. Christmas displays: Should stores hold off on holiday promotions?Remembrance Day vs. Christmas displays: Should stores hold off on holiday promotions?

    It’s beginning to look too much like Christmas for some Canadians.

    As images of wreaths and holly start sprouting up the day after Halloween, there is a growing movement to urge retailers to hold off on their holiday decorations until after Remembrance Day.

    The sound is being amplified on social media, where #RespectOurVeterans has become the battle cry for Canadians fed up with the commercialization of Christmas.

    “We encourage businesses to refrain from Christmas marketing until after Remembrance Day,” the Strathmore and District Chamber of Commerce (Alberta) posted on Twitter and Facebook.

    The Good Earth Coffeehouse, with 40 locations in four provinces, is not following the lead of larger competitors like Starbucks and Second Cup, both of which started using Christmas cups on Nov. 1.

    “We will continue our tradition of waiting until after Nov 11th to launch our holiday campaign,” the chain said on Twitter.

    And the Bigway grocery store in St. Pierre-Jolys, Man., has left some of its

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  • Williamsburg bar facing backlash after female comedian starts social media boycott


    Akilah Hughes used Twitter to chronicle the ordeal.Akilah Hughes used Twitter to chronicle the ordeal.

    Comedian and internet personality Akilah Hughes was out at a bar in Brooklyn when she had an altercation with another patron after he allegedly began touching her hair. He became aggressive when she told him to stop. 

    She wrote about the incident on her blog.

    We left shortly after, me and three friends. We turned a corner and the guy and his girlfriend caught up to us. The guy then punched me in the face. One of my friends jumped in and fought him off – getting two black eyes in the process. This was in front of Crown Victoria. I grabbed my mace and sprayed it at the assailing couple and asked the security guards for help. They decided to mock me, and treat me and the bleeding man who saved my life like trash. All they had to do was get ice or call the cops. Apparently we didn’t merit helping. 

    She alleges that the Crown Victoria security made it a point to let her know they would not be getting her ice, and that she should be more careful with her use of mace. They said they were

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  • The genuine thrill and enthusiasm that Steve Irwin displayed as a wildlife expert on ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ immediately captured audiences around the world, and made the perpetually jovial Aussie a household name.

    When I watch youngster Miller Wilson tackle wildlife on his YouTube page, I get the same feeling I use to get when witnessing the late Irwin tackle the wild and dangerous animals which inhabit the outback.

    Wilson started his own wildlife documentary page on YouTube back in March of this year, and he already has more than 3,300 subscribers. One particular particular video has gained more than 160,000 views. 

    Every video on his channel is self-shot and edited by Wilson, using solely a GoPro camera for the earlier videos, and recently getting a Sony Handy-cam to step up video production, according to a comment he made on YouTube.

    “Throughout my videos, I am going to bring you closer to nature, from deadly snakes, to cute little creatures and all the animals in between!” posted

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  • A 62-year-old Arizona man faces multiple charges after leaving his 5-year-old granddaughter alone in the desert with a loaded and cocked gun.

    The little girl was ditched in the Phoenix desert so her grandfather, Paul Rater, could have “a few drinks and a cheeseburger,” according to NBC News.

    Authorities began an aerial search for the girl after her mother reported her missing four hours after leaving with her grandfather, according to KPHO 5.

    The search was reportedly called off when relatives told the sheriff’s office they had found her alone in the desert with a cocked and loaded .45 calibre handgun.

    Police then tracked Rater to a local store with the help of the girl’s family where he admitted to leaving her alone.

    During his first court appearance, Rater told the judge his truck had gotten struck in the desert and was walking to get help when the girl started crying because she was tired, that’s when he decided to leave her behind, according to ABC 15 Arizona.

    Rater said he walked

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  • One man from San Francisco is travelling across the U.S. with one goal in mind, reuniting 100 homeless people with their long-lost loved ones.

    With his ‘Miracle Messages’ project, Kevin Adler records short videos with messages from homeless people to their missed loved ones and posts them on social media in the hopes of making a connection.

    “I wanted to do something using a bit of tech to help my homeless neighbours be seen as human,” Alder writes on his web site.

    Since starting the project in 2014, Alder managed to reunite four people with their families and there are still more in progress, he told the Huffington Post.

    Among the four reunions shared on the web site was Jeffrey Gottshall’s re-connection with his sister, who he hasn’t seen in 20 years. 

    After Gottshall recorded a 30-second video to his sister, Alder posted the video on Facebook. Within an hour, Gottshall’s sister was tagged in the post and the two had their first phone conversation. 

    “That is enormous gratification,

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  • Incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire and their children daughter Ella Grace and sons Hadrien and Xavier, arrive with his cabinet before his swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa November 4, 2015.  REUTERS/Blair GableIncoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire and their children daughter Ella Grace and sons Hadrien and Xavier, arrive with his cabinet before his swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa November 4, 2015. REUTERS/Blair Gable

    The 30 men and women who were sworn in Wednesday as cabinet ministers get many things as a result — a boatload of work among them. And unlike the Senate, a position in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inner circle isn’t guaranteed for life, or even for the length of his time in charge. The PM can shuffle the cabinet at his pleasure, which means a minister could find him or herself suddenly heading up a different department — or without a portfolio to call their own at all.

    But along with all that extra responsibility comes some pretty nice benefits as well. There’s prestige, of course, and a larger role in the new government. That visibility can be a great way for a politician to raise his or her national profile perhaps ahead of a future bid for party leadership? Of course, it can also be a way to put in a lot of hard work on matters that are important to the ongoing health of the country.

    Here’s a look at five perks that come  with being named a cabinet minister.

    Money: MPs already

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