Anti-Obamacare Americans threaten to move to Canada

Any time the Republicans come into power in the United States, the common refrain from Democrats is "I'm moving to Canada."

It makes sense — Canada, in theory, is a more liberal, socialized country than the U.S.

In a perplexing twist, however, Thursday's Supreme Court of the United States decision, upholding President Barack Obama's plan to further socialize America's healthcare system, has led many Republicans to look north.

Some took to Twitter to share their plans.

Others, appropriately, mocked those posts, reminding expat-wannabes that Canada has been using a free healthcare model for years:

Despite the Twitter buzz, it doesn't look like many Obama-hating Americans are actually acting on their threats.

Yahoo! Canada News spoke to Canadian immigration attorney Michael Niren who said he has not had any calls from Americans upset about Obamacare and ready to move to Canada.

He did say, however, that he used to get "a lot of calls" from Democrats when George W. Bush was in office.