Conservative MP Larry Miller’s suggestion that Canada consider leaving the UN isn’t all that crazy

Conservative MP Larry Miller -- yes the same Larry Miller who, in February, compared the long-gun registry to Hitler and Nazis --has stumbled into another controversy.

The Tory backbencher from Ontario is demanding Canada reconsider its membership in the United Nations after the world body criticized the government for its treatment of alleged war criminals, for its food security and for changes to the refugee system.

"The United Nations is an organization that was designed to work collectively to solve the major problems facing the world," Miller said in a statement, according to the National Post.

"If this is the type of action that the UN will be taking then I think that it is high time that we review our participation in the United Nations."

When speaking to reporters, later, Miller added: "The message should be that Canada should review its participation."

While some may have dismissed Miller's comments as absurd, maybe his idea isn't all that crazy.

The British government has recently decided to de-fund four United Nations' agencies and put three others on notice that they could face the same fate unless they improve their performance.

The United States is also taking a critical look at UN funding as part of its overall budget austerity plan with some Republicans calling for a complete withdrawal.

Maybe it's time we in Canada, join our allies and review our involvement with the international body.

Just look at some of the ridiculous and mind-blowing decisions recently made by the UN:

Last summer, they named North Korea chair of a UN disarmament conference. That's North Korea, a country that has breached a number of arms embargoes and continues to make threats to expand its nuclear weapons program.

In September, the UN allowed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly and spread untruths about the United States.

In November, while the international community was dealing with the human rights atrocities taking place in Syria at the hands of the Assad regime, UNESCO welcomed the embattled Arab country to its human rights committee.

And in February, Russia and China were allowed to veto a security council resolution that could have led to international military intervention in Syria.

Is this really an organization we still want to be a part of?

Kelly McParland of the National Post recently called the UN an "often a ludicrous organization that piddles away huge amounts of money on trivial or fruitless endeavors, while much larger problems go unsolved."

Maybe MP Miller is on to something; maybe it's time Canada review its participation with the United Nations.