Elizabeth May heckled by NDP, evokes Jack Layton in her tweet of disappointment

Last spring, after the federal election, politicians of all political stripes insisted that they wanted to bring some civility to the House of Commons.

The New Democrats were the most adamant about it. A June 2011 CBC News article notes that the NDP, led by the late Jack Layton, "pledged not to heckle" in the House.

Well, that lasted all but a couple of days; we're now back to same old same old.

On Thursday, Green Party leader Elizabeth May stood up in the House to ask NDP leader Thomas Mulcair about his party's position on emission reductions.

Unfortunately for May, her question was drowned-out by the heckles of the NDP caucus:

A disappointed May tweeted about it shortly after.

Even MP Justin Trudeau, came to May's defence:

NDP MP Joe Comartin is the new deputy speaker that May was referring to in her Tweet; he was named to the post earlier this week. In an address to the media, on Monday, he said that he would also like to work on bringing more civility to the House.

"We just haven't been able to break the cycle of lack of civility," he said.

Good luck with that Mr. Comartin.