Ford, Harper and pipelines: Psychic weighs in on the big political questions of 2014

Crystal ball (Photo courtesy of Reuters)No offence to my fellow pundits or to my pollster friends out there, but over the past couple of years, we haven't been very good at predicting political outcomes.

The Alberta election, the Quebec election, the B.C. election and the recent byelection in Brandon Souris were clear misses.

So, as a lookahead to 2014, we thought we should leave the predicting business to the professionals — the psychics.

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As such, Yahoo Canada sent prominent Toronto-based psychic Anthony Carr a list of political questions about 2014.

Here's what he sees coming next year:

Will Stephen Harper be Prime Minister/Leader of Conservative Party on December 31, 2014?

Carr: My prediction – when he won his first term – was he would be Prime Minister for 3-and-a-half terms. The last term to be cut short due to ill health or the political climate of the world, as it slowly deteriorates and chaos reigns.

Note: Harper has won three elections and is about half way through his third term as prime minister.

Will the police charge anyone in regard to the Senate expense scandal?

Carr: No. Although they will come perilously close, they will escape the noose. It’s petty stuff, as far as crime goes. After all, we’re not talking Al Capone stuff here, ya’ know.

Will President Barack Obama approve the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Carr: Yes he will, because regardless of pollution, smog, etc., where money is to be had, that is the bottom line – period.

Will the Harper government approve the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline?

Carr: Yes, for the same reason as above. These are not “pipe dreams.” They will go through.

Will there be a provincial election in the province of Quebec? If yes - who will win?

Carr: Yes, there will be a provincial election in Quebec. But to my mind, no one wins because there will be such a scattering of conflicting votes that no party will have a clear cut majority. It will be nothing but hodge-podge, a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Will there be a provincial election in the province of Ontario? If yes - who will win?

Carr: Yes. [There will be an election.]

Even though traditionally the ruling party in Ontario has always been opposite the ruling Federal party, nobody is crazy enough about Premier Kathleen Wynne to elect the Liberals under her guardianship. Also, no one wants to see the same party with so much power federally and provincially.

Not to mention (even though I’m about to mention it), Tim Hudak is not so popular either. In fact, at the end of the day, everyone will be saying “Who Dat?” about Hudak after he loses. So, ipso facto, the political situation will end up the same as Quebec, sizzling into nothingness.

Who will be mayor of Toronto on December 31, 2014?

Carr: Rob Ford, of course.

Note: Torontonians go to the polls on October 27, 2014


You can view a much more comprehensive list of Carr's STARGAZER predictions here.

We'll keep score and let you know how his predictions fare.

Will he do better than the political pundits and pollsters?

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