Jason Kenney uses UK tragedy to attack Justin Trudeau

It's seems every chance the Tories get these days they're taking a jab at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

But maybe this one from Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is a little too soon.

On Thursday afternoon, just a day after the savage attack in London where two men — in an alleged terror attack — hacked a British soldier to death on the streets of London, Kenney tweeted these two doozies.

Kenney is referring to Trudeau's 'root cause' argument that he made shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings last month. Trudeau had argued that the bombings happened because there was someone who felt "completely excluded." Harper and the Conservatives chided him for that comment for weeks.

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For his tweets on Thursday, Kenney earned some social media backlash.

A new poll by Forum Research might give us a hint as to why Kenney was quick to attack Trudeau about this. According to the poll, conducted for the National Post, the Liberals have the support of 44 per cent of the public, the Conservatives are at 27 per cent while the NDP are at 20 per cent.

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Or maybe Kenney was just trying to 'change the channel' on the Senate scandal.

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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