Liberal leadership candidate says vote for me, even if you don’t “think of yourself as a Liberal”

Andy Radia
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Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray is making a bold move.

Murray is the only leadership candidate proposing a one-time cooperation pact with the 'progressive' parties to defeat Stephen Harper in 2015 election. Specifically, the Vancouver-area MP is suggesting that in Tory-held ridings, the Liberals, NDP and Greens elect candidates as they currently do, with the winners battling in a run-off before the general election to see which one faces the Conservative candidate.

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As part of that strategy, Murray posted this YouTube video on Monday saying: 'You don't have to think of yourself as a Liberal to vote for me.'

Under the new leadership rules, anyone who signs up as party 'Supporter' on the Liberal Party website can vote for the next leader of the party — and it's completely free.

Clearly, Murray is hoping to attract New Democrat and Green voters who are keen to defeat the Harper government in the next election. And maybe even NDP and Green Party members?

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Those who sign-up to be a supporter must affirm that they "support the Liberal Party of Canada" are "not a member of another federal political party in Canada."

But according to party spokesperson Sarah Bain, there's really no way to police that.

"As all parties, we do not know who is a member of other parties," she told Yahoo! Canada News.

"We rely on their solemn declaration upon registering."

Incidentally, — a political advocacy group — has an ongoing online petition, calling on the progressive parties to unite.

"During the next federal election, I call on the NDP, Liberals and Greens to work together in key ridings to defeat Stephen Harper's government. After the election, I call on them to cooperate to pass electoral reform and make sure our government better reflects the values and priorities of all Canadians.”

To date the 'unite-the-left' initiative has 17,324 on-line signatures.

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