Liberals jeer Tories in the House after Trudeau beats Brazeau in charity boxing match

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Ottawa was abuzz Monday, after Saturday's three round charity boxing match between Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Trudeau surprised most by by beating the bigger Brazeau by T.K.O. in the third round.

As a consequence of a bet he made with Trudeau, Brazeau was forced to have his hair cut in the lobby of the House of Commons Monday, wearing a Liberal hockey jersey.

The Tories also got razzed inside the august chamber.

Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner, who became a YouTube sensation in March 2011 for his rhyming yarn about the Bev Oda affair, stood in the House to share his latest work - "The Ballad of Justin and Patrick".