More police documents about Rob Ford to be released next week

It's a been a quiet week with regard to the Rob Ford saga. There really hasn't been any new revelations.

That, however, could soon change.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled that all blacked- out information, contained in police documents about accused drug dealer and Ford associate Alexander Lisi, be released to the public.

The documents contain many references to the Toronto Mayor.

"I reiterate that the material represents informations relating principally to the actions of the Mayor of the City of Toronto. It cannot be denied that the actions of the Mayor are a matter of very significant public interest and concern at this time as are the actions of the police in relation to them," Justice Ian Nordheimer wrote in his decision, according to the National Post.

"In terms of legal proceedings, it is hard to conceive of a matter that would be of more importance to the public interest, at this particular point in time, than the one that is presented by this case in the context in which it has unfolded."

According to the Toronto Star, the information will not be released until at least Dec. 6 at 4:30 p.m., giving the Crown an opportunity to appeal the decision.

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The documents to be released, pertain to Project Traveler, a police investigation which was spun from drug bust and ultimately resulted in the arrest of Lisi, a longtime friend and occasional driver of the mayor. As part of the investigation, the police had monitored interactions between the two.

Over the past several weeks, many documents from the ITO have already been made public.

As explained by Yahoo Canada's Matthew Coutts, those releases included excerpts of interviews with ex Ford-staffers who alleged that the mayor appeared intoxicated at public events, used illegal drugs, was in the company of prostitutes and drove drunk.

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The information dump next week will also include 59 wire taps. According to the National Post, the calls "do not include the mayor’s voice, but he is mentioned."

Ford has not been charged with any crime and none of the allegations against him have been proven in a court of law.

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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