Sen. Patrick Brazeau fired from Frank Magazine

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Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

It seems that suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau's journalism career has come to an abrupt end.

As reported by APTN News, Brazeau has been fired by Frank Magazine, the satirical magazine he joined last month, after writing just one column.

“Operation Give a Dog a Bone has been terminated,” wrote [Frank Magazine editor Andrew] Douglas, in column titled, Please forgive me, in the latest issue of the magazine.

Douglas wrote that Brazeau was an unreliable freelancer who would “inexplicably drop off the map for a day or two, not answering emails or telephone calls.”

Douglas wrote that Brazeau even stood up Douglas on a planned radio interview.

“One of (Brazeau’s) disappearing acts occurred on Dec. 2 when he and I were scheduled to appear in tandem on Ottawa talk radio. Instead, the host spent most of the segment asking me–live on the air–what the hell happened to Brazeau.”

Brazeau did not comment on the firing during a phone call with APTN.

Douglas' full apology — about Brazeau's "narcissistic ramblings" — to readers can be read by Frank Magazine's subscribers here.

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So, what's next for the suspended Senator?

Prior to landing the gig with Frank, Brazeau took the unusual step of using Twitter as a means to find a job.

You can't really blame him for that: Brazeau has lost his Senate salary (for at least two years) and now his income from Frank. He's not entitled to a pension, and he certainly has daily expenses like the rest of us, not to mention legal expenses — you'll recall that the senator faces assault and sexual assault charges from an incident last summer. Court proceedings for that are expected to continue in February.

He has told media that he's writing a tell-all book but income from that is likely months or even years away.

So, as a 'favour' to Sen. Brazeau, here, again, is his Twitter CV.

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press)

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