Stephen Harper takes to Twitter to lay out the government’s agenda ahead of throne speech

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Stephen Harper takes to Twitter to lay out the government’s agenda ahead of throne speech

Stephen Harper has taken to social media to give Canadians some hints about his government's Speech from the Throne to be presented by Governor General David Johnston this afternoon in Ottawa.

On Wednesday morning — through a long series of tweets — the prime minister listed some of his government's successes over the past term and then outlined, in general terms, some of his priorities for the next couple of years.

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Harper even used the opportunity to take some jabs at the opposition parties:

Meanwhile, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau used traditional media, on Wednesday, to tell Canadians what his focus of the next parliamentary session will be.

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Here's as excerpt from a column, he penned for the Globe and Mail:

As Parliament returns this week, I am recommitting to stay focused on the priorities of hardworking Canadians. The Prime Minister may prefer to focus on the politics of the day and on making personal attacks against me, but I will remain focused on Canadians; on finding solutions for families who are looking to get ahead, provide for their children and loved ones; on enhancing and championing the prospects of middle class Canadians, seniors and youth; on raising the bar on openness and accountability; and on fighting for an inclusive, united Canada where our diversity is held up as a strength and never a weakness.

The people whose common values bind this country together have been left out long enough. It is time we had political leadership in this country that is devoted to changing this.

The Speech from the Throne will be read by the Governor General at 4:30 pm (EST).

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