Top political YouTube videos of 2012

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Over the past year, some the most memorable political events were brought to us via YouTube. Here are some of our favourite political videos of 2012:

1. Binders full of women

During one of the Presidential debates in the United States, Republican candidate Mitt Romney was asked about pay equity for women. His response about having a 'binder full of women' quickly went viral and was the butt of many a joke.

Here's the video, courtesy of the New York Times.

2. Dickhead

As part of yet another year of incivility on Parliament Hill, NDP MP Peter Stoffer went on a two-minute rant in October, after he learned that Conservative MP Rob Anders was quoted as saying that Thomas Mulcair "helped to hasten Jack Layton's death."

3. 'This country is in trouble because Albertans are in power': Justin Trudeau

In November, a two-year-old interview came back to haunt Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau. In the video, posted on the Conservative Party's website, Trudeau is quoted as saying the country is in bad shape because Albertans are in power.

4. Stephen Harper Style

What would a 2012 video review be without at least one Gagnam Style spoof. Here's the most popular — and most recent — one, courtesy of CBC TV: 'Oppa Stephen Harper Style.

5. Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a great fall

During the 2012 Grey Cup festivities in Toronto, Rob Ford was caught on tape in an unflattering meme where he stumbles playing football. It sort of was representative of his tumultuous year in office.