Burning Question: Do Kim and Kanye Have a Wedding Registry?

Do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a wedding registry? If not, how do celebrities know what to buy for their wedding? They already have everything.

First, an official response.

"I don’t know" about a registry, Kardashian publicist Ina Treciokas sniffed in an email, "and I don't think they would want to share."

That attitude may be understandable; this is Kardashian's third trip to the altar, a number that, etiquettewise, traditionally leaves guests off the hook when it comes to gifts. Now that doesn't mean that the couple doesn't have a registry. It just means that, given the wealth of the pair, advertising a list of gimmes might look fairly tacky.

Of course, plenty of Kimye's guests will gift the bride and groom anyway. But here's another likelihood: Most of those guests — the famous or rich ones, anyway — won't bother with those details themselves.

They'll let their assistants do it.

The assistants, in turn, will go to Tiffany. A lot of stars like Tiffany.

"It's just one of those go-to places for wedding gifts," says former assistant Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of Be the Ultimate Assistant. "It's a classic."

(Eva Longoria reportedly took her entire bridal registry to Tiffany for her 2007 wedding to Tony Parker. Items apparently included $100 cocktail stirrers and a silver bowl worth $1,500. It was her second trip down the aisle. Ivanka Trump reportedly asked guests for Tiffany silver serving ware.)

That said, "the assistant would want to do some research" to make sure that the couple gets something they truly like. One typical approach: Personalization. Famous brides and grooms love that.

"Luxury companies and concierge services can be a great resource for creating one-of-a-kind gift experiences," says New York Celebrity Assistants President Kelly Engstrom. "Monogramming is also a nice touch to make ordinary gifts more special."

As for a gift budget, well, Kanye-level events call for Kanye-level dollar figures.

"One thousand to $2,000 is pretty standard," Low-Kramen says.

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Leslie Gornstein is an entertainment writer and the host of the weekly Hollywood gossip podcast The Fame Fatale.