101-year-old woman wakes up at her own funeral

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily BuzzFebruary 7, 2013

A Cantonese centenarian decided she wasn't ready to take her leave yet when she woke up at her own funeral, according to Digital Journal.

Peng Xiuhua, 101, died on January 19 from injuries sustained during a fall earlier that month. At least, her family thought she was dead. But while Xiuhua was being lowered into the coffin the next day, she opened her eyes, smiled and said, "Hello, there," according to the story.

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The man who was holding Xiuhua's body at the time reportedly dropped her in a moment of panic. Thankfully neither he, nor any of the other funeral attendees, died of shock at seeing the woman rise from the 'dead.'

She was in a good mood for someone who had been dead for 16 hours. Her friends and family quickly prepared to change the celebration from a sombre affair to an event in honour of a 101-year-old who just won't quit.

Xiuhua is not the first to wake up in a coffin. Last summer a Brazilian toddler who was declared dead from pneumonia apparently sat up and asked for water before dying again a moment later.

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An Egyptian man came back to life last year after a doctor who arrived to sign his death certificate discovered he was still warm. The doctor revived the man and the ceremony became a celebration.

Well, that's one way to start a party.