1984 Today Show Satanic toaster clip hailed as ‘greatest interview in television history’

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

For all the well-produced comedy videos uploaded to YouTube, few come close to matching the absolute gold of a 1984 Today Show interview about a woman and her satanically possessed toaster.

It's a piece of entertainment so epic that Gawker went as far as to call it "the greatest interview in television history."

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During the interview, June O'Brien tells a remarkably composed Richard Dominick that her beat-up toast-making machine speaks to her in the voice of actor Eli Wallach and spits out toast inscribed with the words "Satan Lives."

There are many brilliant moments in the short clip — which went viral this week after it was rediscovered by Fark.com — but in one of the most impressive feats of toaster pyrotechnics this side of a post-production studio, O'Brien's haunted breakfast implement shoots out a devilish flame after she inserts a doomed piece of bread.

O'Brien's explanation for why she keeps the hell-bound machine is worthy of its own separate post.

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We can only hope she was the anonymous bidder who took home the Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary. Her kitchen could use the divine protection.