2-year-old bandit picks sister’s bedroom lock, steals stuffed animals

His specialty is picking locks and sneaking into rooms at night, only to steal prized possessions, like pillow pets. He's the baby bedtime bandit and if you're not careful, he'll get your stuffed animals too.

Actually, this video of 2-year-old Kyle Moser is the result of his big sister complaining to mom and dad that little brother was stealing her things at night, according to ABC News.

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Parents Joann and Mike Moser told their 8-year-old daughter to lock her door, according to the news station.

However, they discovered that even a locked door was no match for little Kyle after their daughter said he still managed to get inside.

So, the Moser parents did what any good parent would do; they set up a camera to catch their thieving son in the act.

The resulting video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since its March 24 upload date.

Captions edited into the video say the toddler is using an open nail clipper to pick the lock. He even takes the time to replace the nail clipper in his room, hiding the evidence, before slipping into his sister's room and stealing the item he's after: a unicorn pillow.

Worthy plunder for a cunning plan. Someone should give Kyle a role in the next Ocean's movie alongside George Clooney.

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Kyle's parents explained to him that it was wrong to unlock doors, according to ABC News, and he said, "Okay."