Americans Kathleen Wynn, Tim Hudak get caught up in upcoming Ontario election

Americans Kathleen Wynn, Tim Hudak get caught up in upcoming Ontario election

Will the real Kathleen Wynn please stand up?

It’s election season and 24-year-old Kathleen Wynn from D.C. couldn’t be more annoyed. Apparently, because her name is almost the same as Ontario Liberal Leader, Kathleen Wynne (with an 'e'), she is getting tweets from many who believe she is the same person.

Unfortunately for Wynn (not Wynne) her Twitter username (@kathleenwynn) has only two slight differences between the Canadian politician's username (@kathleen_wynne), therefore causing the confusion between the two.

The amount of tweets flooding onto Wynn’s Twitter feed has forced her to publicly note on her Twitter biography that “I AM NOT A CANADIAN POLITICIAN, NOR DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR CANADIAN PROBLEMS. DO NOT TAG ME IN YOUR RANTS” followed simply by, “AMERICA!”

Wynn said she even has to charge her phone more often because she receives so many Twitter app notifications when people tag her or mention her in a post, adding that she had nearly 40 tweets on Wednesday alone. “Some people are nice, they’re just misdirected and I’m just like, ‘Hey, I’m not who you’re trying to contact,’ and other people are not so nice,” said Wynn, according to CBC News.

In an even stranger coincidence, Tim Hudak, also from D.C., is going through the same situation. With the same name as Ontario’s PC Leader Tim Hudak, he is receiving misguided tweets and Facebook notifications. “I always know its Canadian campaign season when I started getting followers and friend requests who think I’m @timhudak,” he wrote in a tweet on May 5.

Funny enough, though, politician Tim Hudak is actually a follower of the D.C. Tim Hudak, who served in the U.S. military but now works for the government. The American Hudak has actually reached out and even talked to the Canadian politician over Facebook after noticing all the confusion over their names.

“I’ll see a post from Tim Hudak on his Facebook page and I’ll post something on there that says, ‘I’m Tim Hudak and I support this,’ and I’ll get something like 50 likes on that comment,” he said.

Even though the American Hudak is a proud supporter and friend of the Canadian politician, he says the name confusion isn’t helping with the recent start of his own business, especially when people are searching for his company through online search engines.

“I wish nothing but success for him, who would I be to not wish success to one of the few people I know in Canada?” said Hudak (the American one). He hopes that Hudak goes all the way and maybe one day makes him his United States liaison.

As for Wynn? Apparently, if she ever got the chance to talk to the Ontario Liberal Leader Wynne, she would say, “I don’t know why you have a Twitter account, I don’t know why you put up with it.”

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