Bear breaks into bakery, eats 24 pies, but leaves strawberry rhubarb pie untouched

Who Ate All The Pies? Bear Clears Out Bakery

A bear with a hankering for sweets issued a sad reality: nobody really wants the rhubarb pie.

The bear broke into a Colorado bakery stocked with wall-to-wall decadent pies and pastries, and wasn’t about to let his own personal nirvana go to waste.
He scarfed down 24 whole pies and took another two to go, reports the Guardian.

But the bear, with the notably large appetite and sweet tooth, was kind enough to leave the bakery owners with something left to sell: a strawberry rhubarb pie.

“He went for the apple and cherry and left behind the strawberry rhubarb so he was a picky little guy,” Mikaela Lehnert, the owner’s daughter, said.

The pies weren’t enough for the furry guy either, as he took on a “don’t mind if I do” attitude towards the bags of cocoa and sugar.

The four-legged visitor broke through a window to get inside, reports Fox 31 Denver. But unfortunately for us, the surveillance camera, which was pointing in a different direction, didn’t catch his feast.

But apparently this isn’t the bear’s first rodeo. He’s been photographed around the Lehnert’s bakery, and they believe it’s the same one that broke in.
And, as if we were watching an episode of Yogi Bear, the bear left behind a trail of sugar and cherries.

And although their establishment was ransacked, the family remains surprisingly happy.

“If anything it’s boosted [our business] because it puts out pies and products out there,” Lehnert said.