Big bust: $2M in cocaine found in Toronto airport washroom

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Big bust: $2M in cocaine found in Toronto airport washroom

A washroom at Toronto's Pearson airport was stuffed with more than extra rolls of toilet paper last month, according to the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The agency said yesterday staff found 16 packages of suspected cocaine tucked onto an overhang above a stall on June 17. The Canadian Press reported the drugs, if they're confirmed as cocaine, would be worth about $2 million.

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The packages, which weighed a total of 18.2 kilograms, were wrapped in plastic and marked with tape that warned the product was fragile. The store must have run out of the marking tape labelled "illegal."

The news wire reported Health Canada will test the substance to confirm what it is, and the RCMP will analyze a cell phone, batteries and chargers found with the packages in search of evidence that could uncover who chose an airport bathroom as a drug storage room.

The find comes only a few days after the agency discovered what was most likely cocaine disguised within a passenger's containers of coffee beans, chocolate balls and mangoes. Upon further investigation of the suitcases, the agency said it found boxes labeled as granola bars, cookies and other snacks that actually contained green bricks, which were probably marijuana.

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Toronto is a choice location for drug smuggling locally and internationally, RCMP officer Dean Dickson said in a release.

However, authorities also sized 31.9 kilograms of suspected cocaine in March at Montreal's Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, brought over in suitcases by a passenger from Jamaica.