Bride fastens newborn baby to her wedding dress, drags baby down aisle

First comes love…then comes marriage… then comes a newborn baby, strapped to the back of your wedding carriage. Wait-what?!

A Tennessee woman decided she wanted her new baby to be part of her wedding, so she fastened the infant to the train of her Vera Wang wedding dress, and dragged the baby behind her down the aisle, Huffington Post reports.

Shona Carter-Brooks married fiancé Johnathon Brooks in Ripley, Tennessee last month and is getting quite a lot of flack for the way she involved her one-month-old baby in the ceremony.

“WHY? I am sorry but if I would have saw that I would have gotten out of my seat and taken that baby. That is truly dumb,” said one outraged Clutch Magazine reader. Some wondered simply, “why not just carry the baby?” An excellent question, but evidently not one considered by Carter-Brooks.

Shockingly enough, not all the baby-dragging feedback was negative.

“Congrats on the beautiful wedding sweetie and with bby Aubrey on ur train that was something new that I haven’t seen and was also cute,” wrote Val Bradford on Facebook.

According to Carter-Brooks, her baby was “awake and well-secured” on her train and she said that “with Jesus on their side” nothing could go wrong.

She’s certainly not letting the negativity of the media get to her, and she’s definitely not listening to the nay-sayers who feel that this woman should be reported to child services.

In a media blast she sent out to the public, Carter-Brooks wrote, “So keep ya mouths running for it was just that Exclusive and Epic enough we made top blog way from small town Ripley, TN and the social media doing what they do, TALK!!!!”

According to BuzzFeed, as of this morning, Carter-Brooks has declined to comment further, apart from this email: “Understood everyone is entitled to their own opinion so all I have to say is God bless you!”

(Photo from Shona Carter-Brooks' Facebook page)

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