Burger King raises the bar on laziness with hands-free Whopper holder

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Fast food lovers, your troubles are over.

Burger King has solved a fundamental problem everyone eating a burger has faced. That is, having to hold onto it with your hands. Now you can burn even fewer calories while ingesting the ingredients of a heart attack.

The company has launched an advertising campaign entitled "Hands Free Whopper" to celebrate 50 years in Puerto Rico. Burger King gave 50 customers a plastic holder they could wear around their necks with a Whooper positioned directly in front of their mouths.

The chain also released a music video designed to go viral, featuring everything we've been missing out on while eating burgers. Everyone dreams of boxing, inking a tattoo and ballroom dancing while eating lunch, right?

The joke has circulated widely, drawing intrigue. For example, USA Today's For the Win asked a crucial question: "Is eating with the hands free whopper a sport?" No, no of course it isn't.

Some expressed gratitude that eating was finally becoming just a little bit easier while others hit their foreheads with their palms repeatedly.

Last year's Burger King promotion in Japan might have been civilization's first fast-food signal of decline. The chain offered customers 15 extra slices of bacon on their Whopper for a small charge, with no limit. A Rocket News reporter ordered a burger with 1,050 bacon strips on it.