UFO sighting? NASA live camera cuts after zooming in on bright spot

(Photo: YouTube)

There are renewed claims of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting after a live stream from a camera on-board the International Space Station zoomed in on a bright spot in space before cutting off mid-stream.

Footage from the feed shows the camera panning towards a bright circle off in the distance before zooming in on the ball of light.

“The object had matched its speed with the space station,” Scott Waring, editor of the website UFO Sightings Daily says in his commentary on the stream. “The camera then continued to zoom closer and closer, but all we could see was a glowing white oval.”

"The vibrate light from the UFO was so powerful that even NASA’s new seven million dollar HD cameras could not focus on it,” according to Waring.

Waring describes the object as being similar to a foo fighter, saying there’s a luminescent cross that can be seen coming from it.

“It almost looks like it has a cross and a bright halo around it. Very unusual and NASA keeps an eye on it until they go to blue screen,” Waring says before the video cuts to a blue screen.

“If the astronauts on board the space station are concerned with this glowing object near them, don’t you think you should be too?” he asks.

"Well the fact is it is, they don’t know what it is either. It’s a UFO, it’s an Unidentified Flying Object,” Waring says.