Man finds stranger in his bed and handles it pretty well


We’ve all come home from a long day at work and wanted nothing more than to jump in bed and crash for the night.

The man in this YouTube video was headed for sleep when he found a complete stranger passed out in his bed.

Most people would freak out, maybe yell in shock, and probably call the police. Not this guy.

He took it all in stride and made sure to document everything on video.

“You know who I am?” the guy behind the camera asks as he pulls the cover back. “You know where you are?”

“Apparently you’re ‘Sugar’ or some sh**,” the stranger answers back, seeming pretty out of it.

Laughing, the homeowner tries to reason with the still half-asleep intruder, telling him he’s in the wrong house.

Somehow he laughs off the entire thing, even offering the guy he’s never met before another bed for the night.

The stranger’s fantasy world comes crashing in on him when he’s finally taken for a short tour of the house to prove to him it’s not his.

“Oh man…” he says as he looks around a room. “This is so weird…”

And with a simple sigh, he heads towards the door to head back out into the night.

But not before saying thanks. The two of them shake hands and say how nice it was to meet each other.