Camera records the inside of a lioness’ mouth

Cameras that can't stand up to the likes of a lioness are falling closer to the status of useless.

An Australian photographer's GoPro camera looked beat up after its trip into the safari but the device never stopped recording, even when a lioness tried to eat it. Chris Bray, a nature photographer and photography teacher, mounted his camera onto a remote-controlled car and sent it over to greet the lions.

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The video became an unexpected adventure when a lioness approached, putting her face directly into the camera lens. Then she leaned over and picked up the camera in her teeth. That's about the only way I ever want to see the inside of a predator's mouth.

Another camera films the lioness carrying the tiny car away in her teeth, like she's a giant house cat with a squeaky toy. Here, kitty kitty.

The camera lands safely in the grass at her feet. She chews on it, paws at it for a while but never manages to destroy the resilient device.

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The question is, can this camera stay intact if it's stepped on by an elephant?

Just ask that big grey animal at the end of the video. The one with the long trunk.