Canadian sports anchor drops cringe-worthy space joke on air

"It seems like a better idea than eating food grown on Uranus."

Being funny can be risky, especially when it comes to live television.

And in this case, Canadian sports reporter Rich Abney probably wished he left the jokes to the professionals.

During a recent newscast from Prince George, British Columbia’s CKPG, Abney couldn’t resist and dropped one of the oldest jokes in the book.

Anchor Aileen Machell was innocently talking about lettuce being grown on the International Space Station and the importance of a space garden for future missions.

“I love it,” said Machell as she turns to Abney. “Agriculture that is out of this world.”

With one lame space joke out of the way, Abney hits the viewers with another zinger.

“Gotta say it seems like a better idea than eating food grown on Uranus,” he said just before jumping into sports.

The best part was his co-anchors shocked reactions to his joke. They can be heard laughing in the background as Abney continues with his sports segment.

But it appears that Abney may have thought it through while reading the ‘games of the night’ in Northern B.C.

After he finishes reading, he shakes his head and says: “Or Jupiter, or Mars …”

Nice try Abney, but it’s a little too late.