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Canadian tourism video will give you the warm and fuzzies

They had me at the moose.

An inspiring video that captures the wonders of Canada is making has been making the rounds online recently, giving Canadians something they can point to and say, "That is why I love this country."

The video mixes shots of Canada's wilderness with some of its coolest animals and most exciting activities -- all captured by home video by real Canadians.

If it seems like the best tourism video of all time, it's because it probably is.

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Canadian Tourism cut the two-minute piece together after compiling more than 65 hours of home video from some 7,000 submissions.

Not surprisingly, it makes Canada seem awesome.

The video, called Canada Shared by Canada, had been viewed more than 340,000 in just over a week.

The video begins with a young camper poised to jump from a rock face into an unidentified lake and proceeds through videos of skiiing, pond hockey and whitewater rafting.

Before long, massive whales are jumping out of the sea, geese and gophers are skittering along the grass and bears are rambling through the forest.

Local delicacies such as lobster and donairs make appearances, as do surfers, hikers, dolphins and dogs.

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The Aurora Borealis, the CN Tower, the Rocky Mountains. It is all quite inspiring.

Kinda makes me want to visit some time.

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