Canadians got their flag emoji, but is that enough? The Canadian emojis we want to see

For years, Canadian iPhone users have been complaining about the lack of Canadian emojis. Now, Apple's latest iOS 8.3 update has finally come up with something that will satisfy all the disgruntled Canucks: a Canadian flag.

The update also includes an extremely improved choice of skin tones, as well as families that now come with the option of two moms and two dads.

While we're happy we now have our own flag emoji, we want more. We think it's about time Canada had its own set of Canadian emojis.

Could you imagine how fun conversations would be if we were able to include items that are distinctly Canadian - zambonis, poutines, Rob Fords?

Here's what the next emoji release should include: (Feel free to launch a petition on our behalf)

What is your favourite one? Which Canadian emoji do you think is missing from our selection? Let us know in the comments and maybe someone at Apple will make our dreams come true.