Chinese farmers build their own incredible Transformers out of car parts

There's definitely more to these Transformers than meets the eye.

Industrious (and perhaps slightly bored?) farmers in rural China have built their own versions of the iconic Transformer robots out of car parts.

"It's a personal hobby," Wang Shizun, one of the farmers who built the robots, told AFP. "I watched the movies and learnt the models online, so I wanted to make my own."

And did he ever. The tallest of these impressive robots some styled as the brightly-coloured Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee, others in grey like the evil Decepticons is a whopping 12 metres high.

Unfortunately, they're just statues for the time being, and don't actually fly or transform into vehicles, like the "real" Transformers.

"We're thinking about making them transform," Wang said, "but it's hard to make them transform into cars at this stage."

Wang and his partner oversaw the group of 11 farmers who participated in the construction of the giant robots. They'll apparently sell for about $1,600-$16,000 each.

Transformers started out as popular toys in the 1980s made by Hasbro, and were promoted to children through a cartoon television series. They've found a new audience with the live-action film series that has taken off over the last few years.

In fact, just days after the farmers put their homemade Transformers on display, "official Transformers showed up elsewhere in China to promote the upcoming film Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Maybe they're just trying to get the whole gang together?

(Photos courtesy IANS)

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