Chinese law forces adult children to visit their elderly parents

Lindsay Jolivet
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Chinese law forces adult children to visit their elderly parents

Sons and daughters in China are hearing more than nagging reminders to visit their elderly parents — the government has introduced a law making them legally bound to visit often.

Associated Press reports the Chinese government revised a law requiring kids to care for their parents that are older than 60 emotionally and financially.

But the law doesn't specify how much care they must provide, nor how often children need to visit their parents. And it doesn't say if neglectful children will go to jail or face any penalties at all for avoiding time with mom and dad.

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Parents, however, can sue their kids if they don't visit frequently enough, according to CNN. For young professionals who left home in search of career success, long trips to visit parents after long hours after work can become burdensome.

A marketing officer in Shanghai speaking to CNN said she can only visit her parents twice a year because they live six hours away and her job is demanding.

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However, the law is designed to ensure China's seniors aren't neglected as the population ages. Reports of neglect and abuse have prompted more attention to the issue lately.

In one instance, the public became outraged at a farmer in Jiangsu province after local media reported his mother was living in a pigsty on his property with a sow, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Would you welcome a law that requires children to visit their parents frequently?

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