Competitive eater devours four burritos and a Diet Coke in three minutes

Matt Stonie gobbled down four burritos and one large Diet Coke in three minutes.

We all have those moments when we feel like we're so hungry we could eat a cow.

After watching this video of competitive eater Matt Stonie, you might begin to believe he actually could.

In his most recent food feat, Stonie devours four Chipotle burritos — two chicken and two steak in just 3 minutes. Oh, and we can’t forget the large cup of Diet Coke he washed it all down with. Well, at least it was diet — gotta watch those extra calories, you know?

The burritos aren’t small, either. They look like they easily weigh about a pound each, and by the looks of Stonie, you have to wonder, where does it all go? This 21-year-old has conquered much more difficult food challenges. The ‘Michael Phelps Diet Challenge’ has been one of his toughest. It involved eating more than 12,000 calories in one sitting. “Those were brutal,” said Stonie.

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Apparently he gave Reddit readers an idea of what his bathroom time looks like when he referenced this Potty Talk’ YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it, get ready to laugh.

In the vast world of competitive eating though, Stonie might not be best. Clearly he hasn’t seen Jamie ‘The Bear” McDonald plow through the entire Denny’s menu in just 20 minutes! That’s right. The entire menu of items devoured in one sitting.

If Stonie really wants a challenge, maybe he should make an attempt at this steak challenge. I think he’ll need a little more than 3 minutes for this one, though.

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