Cyclist held at gunpoint films incident on GoPro camera

Since the invention of the GoPro, many have been able to capture their daring experiences via the small video camera, often attached to their heads. For one South African man, who was wearing a GoPro camera while cycling on a trail in Cape Town, the experience caught on camera was a little different.

According to eNews Channel Africa, Malcolm Fox was held at gunpoint when a trio of armed men ran up to him and demanded his bike. The initial armed assailant, unaware that they were being filmed by Fox, orders Fox off his bike with his gun, while his two accomplices emerge from the bushes.

In the video, Fox crosses the railroad tracks, looking both ways before he does, and then notices a man running towards him. Suddenly the man pulls out a gun and aims it directly at Fox who calmly says “okay” and gives him the bike.

The gunman then grabs Fox’s cell phone from his pocket and Fox assures him that’s all he has. “That’s all I’ve got on me, I promise,” he says to the gunman.

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The gunman then searches Fox for anything else he could potentially steal, staring directly into the camera, seemingly unaware of the GoPro, and that his every move is being recorded. Smile! You’re on candid camera!

The gunman allows Fox to leave, and Fox walks away, wasting no time to escape the armed thieves.

Little did these bike thieves know, Fox’s GoPro caught the entire robbery on camera as well as their faces.

Fox’s items were returned to him after police reviewed the video of the robbery and arrested all three suspects.

Lesson to robbers: Always check your surroundings. Or, you know, don't rob people. For more thieves who should of heeded this advice, check out these videos:

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