Czech Republic “Pastafarian” allowed to wear a colander on his head in ID photo

A Czech prankster received legal permission to wear a colander on his head in his identification photo after claiming he was a devout "Pastafarian" and the bowl was a religious garment, according to reports.

The spaghetti strainer placed atop Lukas Novy's head may have had holes in it, but his demand to wear the item is of questionable holiness. Nonetheless, the city of Brno, Czech Republic permitted him to pose with it for his government ID photo after he applied on the grounds of religious freedom, according to the Daily Mail.

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Novy said he was a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a religion based a fondness for beer and a giant noodly god (satirical or otherwise). The first Pastafarians were peaceful pirates, according to the church.

The church's views on same sex marriage mirror its written ideals in general.

"All are welcome into the loving embrace of His Noodly Appendage," the website says.

A city spokesperson told the Daily Mail residents could wear items on their head in government photos for "religious or medical reasons" as long as their faces weren't obscured.

Strangely, an Austrian man has also succeeded in wearing a colander helmet on government identification. In 2011, Niko Alm shared his diver's license photo online and told the Associated Press it took him three years to have the license approved.

The strainer was quite photogenic.

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