Dead Puerto Rican boxer immortalized in wake photos

Dead Puerto Rican boxer immortalized in wake photos

With his shades on, head down and fists up, Puerto Rican boxer Christopher Rivera looks like he is still ready to fight.

You wouldn’t believe it from looking at him, but Rivera is indeed dead. The photo was taken at his wake last Friday after he was shot to death in the city of Santurce.

According to Elsie Rodriguez, vice president of the Marin funeral home, Rivera explained to his family that he wanted his funeral to make reference to his career as a boxer. The funeral home suggested they stage him boxing as they have staged similar wakes like that in the past.

So that’s just what they did.

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They created a simulated boxing scene at a local community center in a nearby public housing project to stage Rivera’s body. They propped him up, threw on some shades and had him pose for pictures, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ style.

Family, friends and fans were able to get their photo taken with Rivera at the wake in all his boxing glory. The autograph signing afterward may have been a little more difficult though …