Devil’s Breath called ‘the most dangerous drug in the world’

The one in front was called a "Commie Bastard." the one in back was called "Donkey Punch." I'm pretty sure every drink is pretty interchangable here... a bunch of rum, some sour mix, and maybe grenadi...

Devil's Breath is the nickname of a drug that has had terrifying effects on victims in Colombia, who say they began to act like zombies, following orders and losing their memories along with their money.

Global Post reported criminals in Colombia are slipping scopolamine, a tasteless and odourless drug, into victims' drinks at bars to incapacitate and then control them. Vice has called it "the most dangerous drug in the world."

“They go out to party and then wake up two or three days later on a park bench,” Global Post quoted from Maria Fernanda Villota, a nurse at San Jose University Hospital in Bogota.

A doctor at the hospital, Dr. Camilo Uribe, told the Global Post victims under the influence of this drug lose control, and they might even follow orders to shoot and kill someone because of the zombie-like trance the drug induces.

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Problems with injured, forgetful victims arriving at the hospital and under-reported cases make it difficult to track the perpetrators of such crimes.

However, scopolamine sometimes makes victims aggressive too, according to the story, which means taking advantage of someone who's drugged could backfire.

It also has legitimate uses, including preventing motion sickness. Last fall NASA signed an agreement to develop a motion sickness spray using the drug, which has been useful for keeping astronauts from feeling ill in space.