Devil prank goes horribly wrong when target faints

It’s all fun and games until you prank your buddy and he drops like a sack of potatoes.

A group of friends decided to get back at their friend Yousef took a horrible turn when Yousef got so scared, he fainted. Not at all how they planned their payback to go down...

The prank, which was filmed on the group’s YouTube channel fouseyTUBE, was supposed to be a simple payback for a water prank Yousef had previously pulled.

They planned for Yousef to come home to his empty apartment to find a ghostly figure with long black hair standing in his living room.

While distracted from a knock at the door, Yousef went to answer it, but no one was there. Fully creeped out, he goes back inside.

That’s when his friend called to tell him he'd arrived and to toss down his keys from the balcony. While heading to his balcony, a girl (in on the prank) dressed in white with long black hair covering her face silently emerges from the closet she’s been hiding in and gets into position.

When Yousef returns back inside, the lights in his apartment have gone out. “What?” he whispers in his pitch-black apartment, confused as to why the lights are out.

That’s when he sees her, in the dim light from his cell phone. The lights come on, and Yousef freaks out at the sight of the ghostly girl. Visibly stunned, he begins to scream and faints to the floor, out cold.

One of his friends, who was hiding in the apartment to watch the prank, quickly emerges to see if he’s okay. He begins screaming for help from his other friends, as he knows this prank has taken a truly scary turn.

“Flip him over! Flip him over!” his friend screams as the others, panicked, try to wake him up.

Yousef wakes in complete hysterics, uncontrollably screaming and crying.

“What the **** just happened?!” he says, shaking and terrified.

In attempts to calm him down, his friends get him some water and try to explain to the hysterical Yousef that it was just a prank,

“I thought I saw the devil, brah,” Yousef exclaims through tears.

The video of the botched prank was posted to YouTube by his so-called friends, and has been viewed now nearly 3 million times.

Yousef, who has since forgiven his friends, commented on the video saying, “Yes. I did cry. Hard. But come onnn, I came home to an empty apartment under the assumption that I was alone,” adding that the whole world of evil spirits terrifies him to no end. Well, at least his friends know that now… and so do about 3 million other people.

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