Driver may have to pay for smashed Ferrari due to insurance small print

Sebastian Vogel purchased the ride from a Groupon-style site for $40, but may be on the hook for a lot more

Groupon-style deals can be great for theatre tickets, yoga classes or sushi, but sometimes it may be best to pause when a deal seems too good to be true.

Sebastian Vogel, 23, may be learning that lesson the hard why after buying a ride of a lifetime in a rare Ferrari for just $40, reports the Daily Mail. He purchased the deal from the website and took off in the rare 360 Spider F1 Challenge Stradale through the countryside of Bern, Switzerland. But after only a few minutes of driving he collided with a BMW.

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"The most important thing is that both the drivers escaped relatively unhurt," said YourDeal discount boss Dejan Djuric in a Daily Mail article. "The question of blame is secondary and in any case is in the hands of the police."

In most cases insurance would have to pick up the tab for the smashed car, but there is an issue.

Vogel had insurance to drive the supercar, but there was small print saying the insurance was invalid if he exceeded the speed limit. Vogel won't even have to guess at his speed nor will police use a CSI crime lab to determine the speed. They will examine the satellite navigation system built into the car to see how fast it was going when it spun out of control.

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The car is worth about $400,000 and has a top speed of more than 300 km/h. Given that kind of potential it would probably be hard to keep it within the speed limit and Vogel may be on the line for the cost of the car.

(Getty Images of car similar to the one Vogel was driving)