E.T. the whistling walrus displays amazing sound-effects skills

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

Quick, someone get this mammal an agent!

E.T., the aptly named walrus, lives at the Point Defiance Aquarium & Zoo in Tacoma, Washington.

But though the 30-year-old sea creature possesses the whiskers and flippers of his fellow walrus cohorts, in the talent department, E.T. has more in common with sound-effects legend Michael Winslow.

Like the Police Academy star, E.T. can make a series of strange, funny noises on command — impressive for a human, astonishing for a marine mammal.

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In a video posted by the Aquarium, the walrus is shown "growling," "sputtering" and "grumbling" as per the demand of his female handler.

The video gets particularly interesting when E.T. whistles, lips pursed, before mimicking a bell noise with his throat.

Though walruses have received their pop culture day through the poetry of Lewis Carroll, the music of The Beatles and the taxidermy skills of this guy, E.T. may be the first real-life pinniped to become a legend on his own.

Now let's see if he can manage a half-decent Craig Stadler impression.