Edmonton declared city of shenanigans, speed traps in sign prank

Welcome to Edmonton, the city of shenanigans, speed traps and road construction.

Carefully constructed signs mounted with industrial glue and screws gave the city of Edmonton a cheeky re-brand this week in a prank that even had a member of the city's image and reputation task force laughing just a little bit, according to the CBC.

"I saw a little bit of Edmonton tongue-in-cheek in it," Chris LaBossiere, the task force's co-chair, told the CBC. "I smiled at first."

The signs that appeared overnight on Monday greeted drivers at several city entrances with new labels placed over the city's official slogan, which is "City of Champions."

Now Edmonton is the city of ... "Suck it, Calgary."

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Other city welcome signs declared Edmonton "City of Speed Traps," "City of Shenanigans," and "Road Construction City," according to the Edmonton Journal.

A city spokesperson told the Journal crews would most likely restore all of the signs to their pre-prank state by the end of the day on Wednesday. The city says it does not know who was behind the stealth sign attack but it will investigate.

Edmonton is in the midst of an actual re-branding effort through a campaign called Make Something Edmonton, but traffic issues are not likely to play a large role in the city's new image.

Maybe they can dub it the city of pranksters.

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