Fan catches UFO on video during minor league baseball game in Vancouver

The aliens have arrived and they enjoy Canadian minor league baseball.

Fans of the Vancouver Canadians are declaring extraterrestrial intervention after audience members snapped pictures and recorded video of a flying, lit-up object in the sky during the team's game against the Everett AquaSox last Wednesday.

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A video zooms in on an object with red and blue lights in the sky near the trees. In typical "UFO" sighting-style, the footage is terrible and many have suggested the object was probably a flying toy or something else from this planet. But that's no fun, so instead people took to Twitter and shared comments about their otherwordly encounter.

If there are aliens watching our sports games, Canadians needn't worry, because Vancouver's team scored four runs after the sighting and won the game, according to Sports Grid.

They come in peace, but with baseball gloves too.