Fighter pilot has bizarre reaction in G-force training video

David Ingram
The Daily Buzz

[’I can’t feel my face!’/YouTube]

Think you got what it takes to become a fighter pilot? Well, you may want to reconsider your aerial ambitions after seeing this pilot’s reaction to seven times the force of earth’s gravity.

This intriguing clip was shot from inside of a centrifuge training machine. The machine is designed to put pilots and astronauts to the test by quickly accelerating their bodies, recreating the conditions felt inside high-speed vehicles.

High levels of acceleration lead to an increased level of gravity and pressure felt on the human body, measured as G-force, which as this video shows can lead to some interesting results.

All appears to be going according to plan as the new trainee, somewhat nervously, prepares to kick the revolving centrifuge into high gear. When the pilot hits over seven Gs, however, he quickly slumps over and passes out from the force.

As the pilot begins to gradually regain consciousness, he begins to more closely resemble somebody who’s possessed by an evil force as he violently thrashes around the cockpit.

Luckily, the trainee appears to regain both his bearings and sense of humour about the whole experience when he finally does recover.

“I feel like I was in some sort of fistfight,” he says to his laughing supervisor.