Filmmaker captures, reverses Aussie New Year’s Eve fireworks

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

While many use the New Year as an opportunity to move forward, one aspiring filmmaker has put himself on the map by placing the first moments of 2013 in reverse.

Using a Canon 600d/T3i camera with an 18-55mm kit lens, Julian Tay captured footage of the New Year's Eve fireworks display at the Docklands in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks to the magic of another man-made wonder – digital editing software – Tay flipped the footage to run backwards, creating a truly mesmerizing display and a fresh way to see something we’ve already watched countless times.

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A good ear for soundtrack didn’t hurt. Colourful pyrotechnics imploding to "Moon Behind the Tree" by Serphonic makes for one beautiful way to kick things off in January. Enjoy!