French daredevils walk tightrope between two hot air balloons

French daredevils attempt to cross a tightrope between two hot air balloons.

A group of French daredevils, better known as ‘Skyliners’, test the odds by attempting stunts and developing creative new ideas for better ways to flirt with death.

High-wire walkers Phillipe Petit and Alain Robert are the sky walkers, both trained in the art of tightrope walking, both experienced in taking their creative hobby to the limit. Robert has (legally and illegally) scaled some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and Petit is best known for successfully crossing between NYC's Twin Towers eight times in 1974.

In this video, they are attempting their most creative stunt yet. The goal is to attach two hot air balloons together in the sky by a tight rope. The Skyliners then attempt to walk across the tight rope and ultimately reach the other side. If they fall, they die. No, just kidding. They are, of course, equipped with a parachute in case the inevitable does indeed happen.

This video literally takes your breath away as the Skyliners edge out onto that wire, trying to master the art of tightrope walking. You can’t help but hold your breath as each Skyliner attempts to make it across, and when they fall to the earth your stomach takes an equally large plunge. (Unless it was the guy dressed as a clown, that guy can go. Scariest tightrope walker ever.... ) But apparently these guys like to dress up a lot during their stunts. Must be a French thing.

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One of the Skyliners brought an umbrella onto the tightrope for his attempt in order to pay homage to Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte. When he falls, he takes his umbrella with him, which doesn’t help at all in easing him to the ground. However, the delighted laughter of the other Skyliners eases the anxiety because, remember, this isn’t their first rodeo. These boys have taken the necessary precautions.

Shockingly enough, none of the Skyliners make it all the way across the tightrope. They don't intend on giving up, though. Stay tuned because these boys are driven, and they've got their hearts set on completing this stunt. Sure, they are all strapped with the necessary safety equipment, but it’s easy to forget that when your half-way across a tightrope, mid-air, and you slip.

It really makes me want to attempt this tightrope thing, though … but maybe between two couches instead of thousands of feet in the air.

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