Girl teaches cow to jump over a fence; next, the Moon

Luna the cow hurdles a fence.

We've all been waiting for this moment, even if we didn't realize it until now.

The world can finally hold its first hurdle race between cows. It should probably look something like the Nintendo Wii cattle racing game in which players knock down scarecrows, leap over hurdles and dodge obstacles to twanging music, all while riding virtual cows.

The race might be imaginary but the jumping cows are real, thanks to two young women in Belgium and Germany.

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The 11-year-old Belgian girl, Hanne, taught her cow to leap over a fence by training the animal to step over a bar and then to jump, according to the BBC. The cow, named Fleur, took less than a year to learn the trick and she can reportedly jump 80 cm.

Hanne was inspired by a German teenager named Regina Mayer. Mayer wanted a horse but when she couldn't have one, she settled for a cow. Wearing a riding helmet and leaning forward with her hands on the reigns, Mayer almost looks like an average horse rider, until you realize her pal is none other than the bovine beauty, Luna.

We've already written the headline to a follow up story about these leaping cattle:

And then the cows jumped over the Moon.