Great snakes! Pythons breaking into stores, breaking out of boxes

Lindsay Jolivet
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Great snakes! Pythons breaking into stores, breaking out of boxes

Police in Australia said they dreamed up a bizarre theory when they first arrived at a crime scene this week: a burglar entering through the ceiling of a charity, vomiting from some unknown illness and then rampaging through the room knocking over everything in sight.

The truth was much simpler, but no less strange. Associated Press reported there was no drunken robbery at the St. Vincent de Paul store in Ingham, Australia, but there was a 19-foot python that fell through the ceiling.

Police said the 37-pound snake must have knocked over clothing and other products when it fell through the damaged ceiling, then "relieved itself" on the floor, AP reported.

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Staff saw the snake the day after reporting the robbery, according to the news wire, and they called a snake catcher to bring it back to the wild. Police didn't apprehend the thieving reptile for the break in.

Meanwhile in France, a python slithered out of a post office package on Friday and rubbed against an unsuspecting employee, sending her into a screaming fright, according to Reuters.

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I guess she wasn't interested in cuddling.

The worker at the Blenod-les-Pont-a-Mousson village post office called for help and firefighters caught the snake, which measured 3.3 feet long, along with another python in the same package.

Reuters reported customs officers searched the sender's home and found two more snakes, a stuffed turtle and a stuffed caiman.

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