Hawaiian man shocked after trying to wash dishes during storm

KITV4's Paul Drewes explains why Flossie was not a tropical storm.

A Hawaiian man says he received a painful shock from the stream of water in his faucet on Monday, even though he stayed tucked away in his home while the tropical depression Flossie passed over the islands.

A bolt of electricity managed to reach Mark Minobe within his home in Haiku, KITV4 News reported, when he turned on the tap to rinse a bowl and felt a shock that dropped him to his knees.

There were about 1,000 lightning strikes during Flossie, according to KITV4.

The U.S. National Weather Service says lightning can travel though electrical or plumbing systems and reach people inside their houses, therefore washing dishes during a storm is not a great idea.

The weather service website also recommends staying off landline phones, out of the shower and away from everything electrical.

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A jolt hit a woman in Houma, La. while she standing in line at a supermarket in July, according to WLTV. Lakeisha Brooks wasn't balking after seeing the price of her groceries; she had been hit by lightning while inside the store.

The news station reported a bolt of lightning had hit the roof, passed through the sprinkler system and then hit the floor where it reached the shopper.

Despite a few burns and maybe some pre-cooked food, Brooks was treated and released from the hospital shortly afterward, according to the story.