Do you hear what I hear? Test out these sound illusions in this cool YouTube video

A YouTube video from AsapSCIENCE has many scratching their heads about the things our ears are actually hearing versus what our brain are processing.

Everyone has heard about our eyes playing tricks on us, but we often don’t consider the fact that our ears can do the same thing. Turns out a double-take isn't just something that can happen with our eyes.

In the video, for example, one of the hosts shows us an experiment where the camera focuses on his mouth as he repeats the word “bar.” As we watch, our brain automatically tells us that he is saying the word “bar” but then the video pans to Greg’s mouth again as he repeats the word “far”. Watching him repeat the word “far” our brains inform us of the difference, but shockingly, there isn’t one.

Believe it or not, the audio from the host repeating the word “bar” is being used while his mouth is saying the word “far” so, in fact, our ears aren’t the most reliable source, after all. Interesting, huh?

Take the challenge again, but this time close your eyes. Without looking at the host’s mouth, it is evident that he is still simply repeating the word “bar”. However, when looking at him mouthing the word “far” your brain convinces you that “far” is what he’s saying, and in fact, you would be wrong.

Basically, what you hear depends on what you see. This is known as the McGurk Effect, where your eyes influence what you hear.

The video also explores the Tritone Paradox, the Shepard Tone Illusion and more. Watch for yourself to test them out!

Check out AsapSCIENCE’s YouTube channel for more astonishing videos about the science of sound, including the effect music can actually have on the human brain. They reference the famous viral video of the elderly man in the nursing home reacting to the sound of music and it is simply amazing. If you haven't seen it, check it out here:

Know any other cool sound illusions? Share the instructions in the comments below!

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