Hockey High: Nova Scotia high school makes every lesson puck friendly

Hockey High: Nova Scotia high school makes every lesson puck friendly

The good ol' hockey game has transformed classrooms at a high school in Sidney Crosby's hometown, because high school is simply better with a stick and a puck.

Cole Harbour District High School in Nova Scotia has created lesson plans for everything from physics to dance as part of the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship's School Program. The program aims, in part, to promote women in sports.

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The most crucial lesson, in personal development at least, was no doubt the Hockey Stomp. Those of us not fortunate enough to attend Cole Harbour High can catch up on this lesson by playing Stompin' Tom's famous tune and then clapping and bobbing, incorporating goofy hockey poses where necessary for a signature Canadian performance. Dancing mascot optional.

Other lessons teach students the mathematics of hockey, from calculating the rink's surface area to determining the volume of water used for the ice.

When students headed to science class, the teacher introduced them to a handy drawing of a goalie, managing not only flying pucks but also gravity and force, according to the CBC.

The school's teachers created lesson plans for every subject, according to Hockey Canada, which means students might be able to skip gym class, but they can't escape hockey.

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Canada: the land of public healthcare and mandatory winter sports.